US cavalry WIP3

Hi, this is the saddle for this pack.


  1. The saddle looks amazing! Unbelievable detail for such a complex object! Now that I am working a bit with Wings3d myself I can see the true skill of your work. I don't think I will ever be able to match something like this but I will keep trying.

    My biggest stumbling point is with textures. I'm not very good at making them for my props yet. So I keep to simple things. :(

  2. For textures is usefull to make photos to real objects around you, sometimes one thing you take for one model, it is usefull for another very different.

    When I finish the "main" texure , I always try to dirty it with different layers of spots, even if you cannot see them, they bring the material a more realistic look.

    And remember that more models you make better they will be.