1914 cyclone racer motorcycle WIP1

This is the model I am making now, it is inspired in the 1914 cyclone racer


This is my latest model for Poser and daz studio, you can get it now with
an introductory offer 35% off, take a look, www.adh3d.com


This is the final caucasion texture for the adman
This is a Poser figure I am making.


This is the final FBM(full body morph) for my male figure adman.
More updates soon.



New posable figure for poser, this time a car inspired
in the 1984 Ford Bronco.

More information and images in my site


A new WIP render of the adman, this time you can see the african, caucasian and
asian morphs and textures.



New option in my blog...

Now you have a new option to access to my poser models, bellow the title of this blog you can see a "carrusel" with my Poser models, just click in the thumbnails and you open directly the model information page in my store site.

So simple, so fast.


New html version for my store site...

Hi, because some people don't like flash asked me, now you have a new html version for my store site, to acces it just go to the usual link, http://www.adh3d.com/.

If you like more the flash version, just click in the flash icon in the main page of the html site or use the next link to open directly,  www.adh3d.com/flash

Hope you like it.


New adh3d Forum

New feature in the adh3d site, now you have a forum . http://www.adh3d.com/forum

There you can ask for help about my models, or aks for  customer support...
or just post your free models links, or talk about anything.

Take a look.


The servers are ok now, the adh3d store is online again.


Some expressions .

Some FBM with different face expressions, default, strong, fat and no muscular.


A close render of the Head, working in the texture.


Click here to download the 3d model.
Look in the vehicles-->military section.


click here and download it,
 look in the adhorse-->outfits section.


New url for my store...

This is my new store url, please update your bookmarks.