Warrior Pharaoh pack WIP soldier

Hi, a new update, you can see the soldier spear,the shield and the headscarf.


Hi, a new update, the collart, the wristbands and the pharaoh spear.


warrior pharaoh pack WIP 3

Hi, a new update, I have made the sandals, the bracelets and the armor.
I am now working in the collar.


Warrior Pharaoh pack WIP 2

Hi, this is part of the warriro pharaoh pack I started some months ago. I am now working in M4 and Apollo clothes and complements. You can see in the render, M4 with the war crown, the skirt and the belt. More updates soon.


US Cavalry pack available...

For Michael 4 base, Apollo Maximus
click here for more information and images


US Cavalry wip

Just another render of this pack for Poser
You can see Apollo and M4 in the render.