1908 buggy car WIP

Hi, an update, the buggy with the top removed.


1908 motor buggy WIP 1

Hi, this is the new model I am working now, it is a 1908 motot buggy, free inspired in the 1908 sears model J
More updates soon.

Converible car 1936 available....

This convertible car for Poser is available in my store.

click here for more information and images



Convertible 1936 WIP2

Hi again, I have finished the uv mapping of the model, now, I am going to make the textures.
Meanwhile, a render of the interior.


Convertible 1936 WIP

Hi, this is the new model I am working now, the modeling is almost finished.


Warrior Pharaoh available...

The Warrior pharaoh pack is now available.
click here  for more information and images.


Warrior pharaoh WIP

Hi, another render of this pack, this time wirh M4 and Apollo.


Warrior pharaoh, chariot WIP

In this render you can see the chariot and the horse equipment.
You can see also two different textures.


Warrior pharaoh pack WIP

This pack is almost finished, a render og the chariot main part.
More renders soon.


New trans map mane for adHorse.

Hi, this is a new mane for the adHorse I am working now.
It is a trans map mane type.


More textures for adHorse available...

Hi, this is a texture pack for the Poser horse figure adHorse.
It includes 10 HQ textures and material sets.
You can get it for only $5.

click here for more information and images


adhorse more textures pack WIP2

More renders, this time the dun and the chestnut textures.


adhorse more textures pack WIP

Hi, these are the first WIP renders of this texture pack for adhorse I am manking.
You can see the gray  and the bay texture.


Warrior Pharaoh pack WIP soldier

Hi, a new update, you can see the soldier spear,the shield and the headscarf.


Hi, a new update, the collart, the wristbands and the pharaoh spear.


warrior pharaoh pack WIP 3

Hi, a new update, I have made the sandals, the bracelets and the armor.
I am now working in the collar.


Warrior Pharaoh pack WIP 2

Hi, this is part of the warriro pharaoh pack I started some months ago. I am now working in M4 and Apollo clothes and complements. You can see in the render, M4 with the war crown, the skirt and the belt. More updates soon.


US Cavalry pack available...

For Michael 4 base, Apollo Maximus
click here for more information and images


US Cavalry wip

Just another render of this pack for Poser
You can see Apollo and M4 in the render.


US cavalry WIP

Hi, here you can see a new render with the morphable flag and
the dirty textures. You can see the new "inverse" neckerchief too.


US cavalry WIP

A test render of the dirty textures for the clothes.


Some testing for the models I have made till now of this pack.



US cavalry WIP2

The second WIP render, you can see now the neckchief, the belt with the
holster and the revolver, the rifle.

US cavalry WIP1

First WIP render of US cavalry for Apollo, M4 and adhorse.