American Revolution Soldiers.

You can get it at the Renderosity market place.
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  1. Your work is very good. Do you have a Wings3D to Poser tutorial available?

    Do you have any artist resources to share or for sale?

    Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, thanks. No I don't have any tutorial, but if you want to ask for something, I'll try to answer you.

    Sorry, I don't have any resources.

    regards, Alex.

  3. The Revolutionary war soldier is looking GREAT!!

    This may be an off the wall request but could you include a second version of your revolutionary war coat with a low back to it. With a low back on it, it would make a perfect World War II French army coat. To get an idea of what I mean here is an altered picture showing your coat with a low back:


    Also, will your coat conform to the legs of the figure so that you can have the coat conform to him when he runs?



  4. Hi, Do you have a image of the "real" World War II French army coat you talk about?, so I can put it in my list of future models.

    About conform the coat to the legs, the problem is that if you put in a coat the legs parts, when you move the legs, poser "cut" the coat in two parts , because the legs are two different parts, and the coat is one cloth only. This is because I0ll try to put some morphs in the low part of the coat so you can move those parts.

  5. Hi, unfortunately this is the best pic I could find on the Internet. Not the best pic in the world but it gives some idea of the uniform. Check out the soldier on the right side of the pic. :)


  6. Ok, thanks for the image, I put it in my list.