WW2 US GI for Apollo and M4

WW2 US GI finished, uou can get it right now at Renderosity marketplace.
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  1. I can't believe you do such great work with Wings3D. I looked at the program a while back and couldn't figure out how to use it. I think your work is some of the best on Renderosity. I have purchased almost all your World War II clothing sets and the "Magic Helmet". I use them to make Civilization III units for the people at Civfanatics.com.

    One set I would really like to see from you one of these days is a World War II Japanese soldier complete with leg wraps. I have never seen anyone do leg wraps for Poser and would love to have a set done. A good pair of leg wraps would go a long way toward making World War I and World War II units.

    Keep up the great work! I visit your Renderosity page every so often to see what your latest World War II products are and often end up purchasing them. :)

  2. Thank you for your comments and support.

    Wings3d is a great application, I think for box modeling is one of the best including expensive options.

    I am now working in a American revolution soldier, after this one, I have thought to make a japanesse infantry soldier like you say of course with leg wraps.

    I would like to make some WW1 soldiers, but later.

    Regards, Alex


  3. I am curious. Is Wings3d the only program you use for your Poser props. The more I look at your wonderful products the more I want to try to do the same thing myself. I believe Wings3d is a free program and I know there are some tutorials on how to use it. I am wondering if I can learn to use it for making Poser props and figures.

  4. Hi,yes, for modeling I only use Wings3d, that it is free.

    For sure you can learn it, it is the best and easiest box modeling application in the "market".(in my opinion)

    Here,(if you don't know) you can find the application: www.wings3d.com

    There are many forums about wings3d, for example in cgtalk or Renderosity, but I'll go first to the official wings3d forum.


  5. When you make a set of clothing for a figure like Michael 4, do you first import Micheal 4 into Wings3d and then model the clothing around him or do you do the clothing alone and then import the clothing figures into Poser and use the "Setup" room for making the clothing conform? Thanks.

  6. Hi, The process I do is more or less the next:

    I import in wings3d the M4 mesh, I have created a simple suit just around the body of M4 for example, like a low poly skin-suit.

    This suit is the first step for all my clothes. I cut the part I need and add detail and the form, for example if you want a shirt, select the part of the low poly suit of a shirt,chest,abdomen, arms... cut it and model over it.

    You will find that when you import your Poser human figure to wings3d, that figure is too small, this is because the scale between Poser and Wings, you have two options, make the human figure bigger, model the cloth, and the re-scale the cloth to the "original" poser human figure size, or model with the poser scale in wings3d.

    One you have the cloth modeled in wing3d, you must add it a uvmap,so you can apply textures over the mesh later, you can make it in wings3d or in another tool like uvmapper(free)

    Then, you have to make the groups in wings3d, this mean that you have to cut your cloth in parts that matching with the Bones of the human figure. Then export all the groups of the cloth like an obj file

    Then, usually the Poser figures like M4 or Apollo have a blank cr2 file ( without morphs or geometry) that you can use like your cr2 for your cloth.If the figure has not one, you can add the bones in the setup room in Poser

    You have to change the obj file name of the cr2 file by your obj name, open the cr2 file in poser like any other figure and surely you'll have to fix it with the Poser joint window.

    Then, in a image application, using your obj uvmap template, make the textures

  7. Hi, I've been doing a little experimenting with Wings3D making stuff like backpacks, blanket rolls and canteens. I basically create the model in Wings3D and then export it as an OBJ. Next I import the OBJ into Poser. It seems like every model I make or import into Poser or whatever has pieces of the model which shoot off like ribbons into infinity. When I apply a texture to the model the ribbons go away but there are still anomalies in the model when I apply textures such as little squares that don't pick up the texture correctly. I'm wondering what causes these things and how to correct it. I assume you don't have the same problem with your props?


  8. Try to smooth the model in wings3d more. Poser firefly render , sometimes, not render right when the model has low polys in it. try also make your models with polygons of 2 or 4 vertex, no more.

  9. I have another problem now maybe you can answer since you appear to work with Mike 4 now quite a bit.

    It seems to only happen with Michael 4. When I go into the Setup room to create a conforming figure and import Michael 4 into the setup room there is what looks like a bone sticking out of the pelvis which somehow gets added to the conforming figure I'm trying to make. This thread at Renderosity shows what I'm talking about. :(


    Has this ever happened to you? What is going on with this?
    Thanks. :(

  10. Sorry, It is the first time I see that, have you use the black cr2 file?

  11. I too find your work very cool. I am using Wings 3D, and when I export then import an object from Wings to Poser, it shows up as almost transparent. Is there a way to work around this?